Message from the blogger

It has always been a challenging and time-consuming task for both parents and children to browse through rows and rows of shelves in the library just to search for books interesting enough to warrant a read.

How can I make this process a breeze? The answer is on this blog. The books shortlisted here are based on 3 factors :-

1) Interesting plots  (To ignite the interest in reading for starters)

2) Famous children stories (To have common ground with your peers)

3) Non-fiction books (Relating to topics that upper primary students will encounter in their comprehension passages.) 

You can check its availability with the NLB link provided. No more wastage of time!

New recommendations will be updated regularly so do keep abreast of future postings. I hope viewers will find my blog useful and last, but not the least, I wish all of you a happy and rewarding reading journey!

PS.    If you have recently read or come across any interesting book(s), I welcome you to send* me the book title(s). Let’s learn to share. Thank you !

* Click on any of the existing book titles and you may send through the “reply”.